TikTok’s Top Five D2 Institutions Share Their Best Advice

When it comes to TikTok, what kind of engagement rate is acceptable for a level D2 university?

TikTok’s Division 2 schools earned a median engagement rate by view of 4.36% in our most recent 2022 Higher Education Social Media Engagement Report. Measuring success on TikTok through the number of views received can be more informative than measuring success through the number of followers.

Exemplifications of the Highest Quality from the Best D2 Universities on TikTok

A Reversal of Fortune at the University of West Alabama
When it comes to TikTok popularity among Division 2 schools, UWA has the highest engagement rate. Typically, the university will update its status on the site once per week. The school’s social media team obviously keeps up with the times, as many of their videos feature a currently popular soundtrack on TikTok.

One of the school’s most popular videos attracted over a million views and a 15.1% engagement rate per view.
The video follows a popular style and tone and depicts a day in the life of two people who switch places. In this clip, the school’s headmaster works out with a student athlete and then invites that student to sit in on a meeting of the president’s advisory board.

A number of videos were uploaded to the school’s YouTube channel using this currently popular tune, and its president appears in each of them. The president may stand out to viewers because he is an unexpected sight at many colleges featured on TikTok. Furthermore, the videos humanise the president by showing him in non-formal settings, providing viewers with a fresh take on familiar campus events and locations.

TikTok content from universities typically features students in prominent roles; however, The University of West Alabama is taking a refreshingly different approach by turning the tables on the usual protagonists and topics.

Tampa State University: a student-driven, hands-on learning environment

A further notable D2 institution with a robust TikTok presence is the University of Tampa. The university is significantly more active on the platform than other D2 institutions, with an average of 1.69 weekly posts. When they do publish a video, it typically receives a 7.56% engagement rate in terms of views.

If you take a look around UT’s TikTok channel, you’ll see that the videos feature lots of student participation and are made with them in mind. Social media staff members can be seen in most of the clips conducting interviews with students, showing them around campus, and taking part in other campus events. These videos probably have two purposes: to show prospective students what it’s like to be a student at the University of Tampa, and to remind current students how great their school really is.

As an illustration of how active the D2 university is on TikTok, check out the video below, which has a 6.84% engagement rate based on viewership.

Courses Offered by Denver’s Metropolitan State University

Another top-performing D2 university, Metropolitan State University of Denver has an average engagement rate by view of 8.82%. The Denver school uploads 1.34 videos weekly, which is significantly more than the weekly median for D2 institutions.

MSU Denver’s location in the middle of a major city provides easy access to an abundance of subject matter. The D2 school capitalised on this by making a viral TikTok video about scary places to visit in Denver. With a 9.14% engagement rate per view, it’s clear that the video hit home for its intended audience.

Sports Highlights on the Go from Colorado School of Mines

The Colorado School of Mines is another Colorado D2 institution that argues strongly for an active campus TikTok community. The university receives an average of 11.9 percent engagement per view and uploads 1.33 videos per week.

Among all the D2 schools using TikTok that we looked at, this one had the highest engagement rate by view (21.4%).

University of Saginaw Valley: Consistency is essential

Wondering how often you should upload content to a TikTok-like platform? Look no further than Saginaw Valley State University on TikTok if you want to see what it looks like to be a successful school that posts regularly. The school’s weekly TikTok video upload rate of 2.32 times is significantly higher than the average for D2 institutions.

Even though this institution ranked dead last in our top 10 list, many of its videos are far more interesting than the norm. Consider the clip we’ve embedded below. It resulted in a per-view engagement rate that was 3.62 times higher than the industry average of 4.36%.