Marketers Now Have Access To Even More Demographic Data Thanks To Instagram.

Key demographic information about a business’ engaged audience, such as top cities, top countries, top age groups, and more, is now available in Instagram Insights.

There is now audience demographic information available to Instagram business profiles.

Before, Instagram Insights just broke down your followers by demographics.

Now you can analyse the demographics of everyone you reach, not just the people who follow you or interact with your posts.

Instagram now includes additional information in its Insights tab, including in the “Accounts Engaged” and “Accounts Reached” sections.

All the information you need to know about today’s developments is provided here.

Brand-New Data on How Active Instagram Users Are

Instagram’s Accounts Engaged section now includes demographic data previously unavailable.

Here you’ll find information on your most active followers, including where they’re from and how old they are.

Information like as:

  • Major urban areas
  • Principal Nations
  • Leading age groups and sex

The aforementioned information is also separated into two groups: followers and non-followers.

Those that decide to follow you after checking out your stuff may be easily distinguished from those who don’t.

You can see how many accounts in total interacted with your content during a certain time frame in the Accounts Engaged area, which also includes demographic data.

Customers Served

Only a small percentage of people who saw your article really interacted with it.

You can see this information in Instagram Insights, under Accounts Reached.

You’ll see comparable information to that found in Accounts Engaged, including the overall number of accounts contacted and a demographic breakdown.

This year, Instagram expanded Accounts Reached to include viewing data for Reels and livestreams.

The number of accounts you contacted with each piece of content is now viewable, however demographic data is currently only available for feed postings.

Insights for Instagram, whither art thou?

You can access Insights from the Instagram app’s main menu.

The absence of this feature may be attributable to your lack of a business account.

To gain access to Instagram Insights from a personal account, click the Settings cog and then the Switch to Professional Account option.

A business account is available to anybody who wants one, and there is no additional fee for the upgrade.

Once you’ve chosen to transition, all Instagram will ask is that you pick a category that best fits your company.

Just pick a class and go on.

If you have an Instagram business account, you can keep up your regular posting schedule.

The information you have access to is the primary difference.

You may now gain even more insight into the people that follow you thanks to the information that was introduced today. This covers information like their age range, gender, and typical internet activity times.