5 Top Ways to Magnify Your IGTV Video Views

IGTV is a long-form and immersive video. IGTV also helps to upload horizontal videos, changing their vertical video form. So now you can be more relaxed while making content. 

Have you elected to hop on to IGTV? That’s fabulous! But did you know how to get more viewers to watch your IGTV videos? If you are already using this characteristic but not getting sufficient views, you need to buy Instagram TV views for your videos. It helps to get numerous audiences and promote your products or services easily. 

Here are the top five ways to magnify your IGTV video views:

1. Use Hashtags for your Profile

Hashtags are essential to make your profile attractive and popular. Also, it plays a crucial role in increasing your reach and raise your engagement. But remind yourself that you should add content-related hashtags. Many creators have added irrelevant hashtags in their videos, and it’s not a good way. If you require to grow an engaged audience and instant views, you should concentrate on your hashtag tactics. 

Here’s how you will do it:

  • 30 hashtags are allowed to add a single post, but eleven hashtags are enough
  • Ensure that the hashtags should be relevant. Keep in mind that adding irrelevant hashtags doesn’t help to gain followers. 
  • Don’t use the banned hashtags.

2. Create Attractive Profile

Your Instagram profile must be attractive and promote your brand. Most people are expecting an eye-catchy profile and tap on the IGTV decision or view your IGTV section. To execute it easier for the viewers to find your video, ensure to display the research on your profile. 

Creating an eye-catchy thumbnail for your IGTV videos will unmistakably going to get more views for your videos. You can upload a video up to 10 minutes longer. It helps to explain your product to your audience. In case if you’re a verified user, you can upload up to 60 minutes longer. Without delay, you will create an attractive profile now!

3. Promote Your IGTV on Your Stories

Most creators have fewer thoughts about how to promote our IGTV videos and get views. Here I will explain the secret is you can upgrade your video by sharing your Instagram feeds or stories. Mostly several creators, after uploading their IGTV content they will share the content in their Instagram stories. 

A perfect way to distribute your IGTV video to your audience is to add your story by ticking the arrow on your post and tap “Add to Story.” But if you require to create it more exciting, try it another way. However, the ultimate aim for every marketer is to get more views for their videos. 

4. Use Short Videos 

Instagram launched a wonderful feature to impress the viewers, which is Instagram reels. Everyone has interested in creating short content and the most effortless process to make a video, especially marketers. As a product owner, any product needs to be popular; you have to create a video and present it to your audience. 

Buying Instagram reels views will help to boost your Instagram profile visibility. At the same time, you can gain more reputation from your target audience and generate sales. 

5. Post At the Particular Time

Maintain consistency is the major important thing to get the audience to your profile. Is consistency enough to get views? No, it’s impossible. Then what’s the next?

Post your videos at a particular timing will help to gain more views for your IGTV videos. According to the research, Monday to Thursday are the best day to post your videos on your Instagram TV. As well as 3 PM to 4 PM is a good time. For Friday, 5 AM is an excellent time for post engagement. 

When more audiences see your IGTV, you will ultimately gain more views. For getting more engagement, you can check your Instagram insights. Ensure that posts at peak times help get more followers to your account, and there is the most possibility to promote your profile among the audience. Increasing likes, views, comments, and followers are given high-level engagement to your profile organically. 

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