What To Post On Instagram: 10 Impactful Content Ideas

maximize Instagram engagement with reels views

Are you confused about what to post on Instagram? Well, this article shares creative content ideas to level up your account. Posting the same things over and over shrinks audience engagement. So, developing new creative ideas to maintain profile authority is necessary to increase your reach. 

One of the good things about Instagram is that it is not just a place for photos; it lets users upload shots, animated gifs, and lengthy videos. Hence, Instagram is vital to understand which contents have more reach on Instagram. Let’s take a look at the top ten impactful content ideas for Instagram. 

Behind The Scene Videos

Posting behind-the-scenes videos on Instagram helps to know your personality better, and this transparency ultimately builds trust among the audience. If you want to build a strong community and develop a loyal audience, sharing behind the scenes is the best Instagram content idea. 

Story Telling

Storytelling is the most useful concept on Instagram which combines the image and the captions to bring a new experience to your followers. Many brands use this technique to show them as unique to the audience by publishing advanced photos. Delivering a story in a motivational and emotional way is enough to grab attention. 

Creating Memes

Memes convey relatable situations to audiences with a combination of text and visual conversations. Instagram memes build a connection with your audiences and illustrate your thoughts or ideas to others. If you want to create fast growth and high engagement, memes are the best Instagram concept idea. 

Repost Your Fans Contents

Appreciation is a great way to boost engagement with your audiences and get goodwill to your account. In the latest research, 86% of the brands featured user-generated content to create brand awareness. Check the posts you are tagged in and share them with your followers to ensure that you tag the creator on this post. 

Utilize story feature

If you want to highlight your presence, share the video in the Instagram story which doesn’t require much editing or planning. A great way to invite others to your post is to share celebrity interviews or any content announcements. 

Invite Your Audience To Tag A Friend

Increasing engagement is essential for creators. So asking your audience to tag a friend organically boosts your audience. You will include a call to action button to tag a friend to make them perform this action. 

If you are struggling with creating engaging content, try out by running experiments by posting content on various Instagram features like reels, stories, and feeds. Then, understand the most common reason for the low views in your previous posts. Choosing reels features will be the best option because of their short form of content. Then create engaging and short videos to maximize Instagram engagement with reel views to get massive reach and enhance the chance of being seen by a larger audience. Similarly, choose the best content ideas and trending sound which raise your post reach and make you truly resonate with your target audience. 

Host A Contests And Giveaway

People desire to win in competitions for prizes and stuff, so provide some free products or online courses in your business to reach your target audience. Giveaway posts encourage the audience’s interest and increase their involvement with your post. Ask the winning followers to mention your brand and contest experience in their posts, which helps to build a strong community on Instagram. 

Introduce your team members

Introduce the persons behind your video creation process or share the picture of your team members with thanks notes. It is the best way to show the behind process and their hard work to your audience, forming an emotional connection and trust in your Instagram page. 

Give An Interesting Puzzles

Puzzles keep your audience connected with your post, making them perform specific actions and creating a more extended engagement. Please don’t create a complex puzzle, so make it more exciting and moderate level to give them a quick break. 

Experimental Shorts

Sharing your personal experience video creates an instant personal experience for the audience. It would help if you amused the audience, which would help to have unforgettable experiences through skydiving, bungee jumping, cycling, and deep diving. These give a mesmerizing visual experience and increase your engagement rate.  


Creating different content concepts is challenging, but luckily this article gives the best ten impactful Instagram content ideas to make our account unique. Your goal needs to be to maintain consistency and never forget to interact with your followers. At last, decide which of these concepts is relevant to your profile. Analyze your profile analytics to measure your audience preference, providing massive content exposure.