What This New Instagram Algorithm Change Means For Your Company

Instagram can be used as a powerful advertising tool. Approximately 75% of Instagram users respond to a post in some way, whether by clicking through to a brand’s website, becoming a follower on Instagram, or making an immediate purchase.

Despite Instagram’s obvious customer-facing benefits, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to leverage the platform profitably. The Good Marketer is confident that keeping up with the newest developments is crucial, whether you’re going it alone or considering hiring a Social Media Agency to help you navigate these shifts.

Like Facebook’s algorithm, Instagram’s is a combination of factors that decides the order in which posts appear in a user’s feed. The platform claims that updates to the algorithm and updates to features like Stories and Reels are all aimed at bettering the user experience.

Instagram CEO Adam Moressi wrote in a tell-all blog post that the company’s goal is “to make the most of your time,” adding, “We believe that using technology to personalise your experience is the best way to do that.”

But these shifts also make it harder for businesses to get noticed without spending money on advertising. With that in mind, let’s analyse how these shifts will impact your company’s ability to communicate with its target demographic and what you can do to adapt.

So, What’s Changing?

There have been some recent updates to the feed, such as the ability to choose between a “following” and “favourites” feed, and rumours of future adjustments to the dimensions of still image posts. While there are now more ways for users to customise their feed experience, the default feed is still likely being seen by the vast majority of your audience.

Moressi’s announcement that ranking trends are shifting toward original content was perhaps the most significant change announced recently. As Moressi put it in a public statement, “If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you’re re-sharing something you found on the internet.” To that end, we’re going to make some changes so that original content is given more weight than reposted material.

This shift happens within the context of a service that has recently given reels, which encourage user interaction, higher priority. Instagram has shifted to a less polished, perfected new feed with fewer repeated posts from multiple users in an effort to compete with TikTok for user attention.

And if that weren’t enough, Instagram is reportedly testing out a new feature that will expand the size of static image posts to match the proportions of video reels.

For app developers and entrepreneurs, this would be a game-changer. Instagram is rumoured to be adding a blurred border for images that do not fit their new dimensions, though square images may still be an option.

This border effect may not only detract from your aesthetic, but it also increases the likelihood that the algorithm will give greater weight to portrait images.

Developing Your Company Naturally

Because of Instagram’s algorithm changes over the past few years, organic growth has become more challenging for businesses.

Creating new content on a regular basis may seem like a tall order. But it does mean that if you make an original effort to post something online—say, an infographic—then you should be rewarded with a higher ranking than someone who is simply reposting the same infographic.

It has never been more crucial to invest time and effort into producing content that addresses all of your company’s concerns. Instagram should give a comprehensive look at your company, not just its storefront, from the production process to instructional videos.

Adjusting Your Approach

This change in the Instagram algorithm has made it harder for brands to connect with their customers. But with strategic promotion, your company can reach a wider audience and encourage more use of the latest features.

One must first concentrate on producing superior content in order to achieve this. You can do this by experimenting with different kinds of original content in Reels and Stories. If you want to grab someone’s attention in their feed, reels are a great way to do it. They’re essentially another form of advertising that lets you showcase a series of products.

Brands now have more options than ever when it comes to video content creation thanks to IGTV; if you have the means to do so or know someone who does (such as an influencer), consider featuring their videos on your channel or even collaborating with them.

Although these adjustments may seem daunting at first, you should find success on the platform if you maintain your commitment to producing high-quality content and interacting with your audience.