Instagram’s Top 4 Most Fascinating Nutshells

People have always been prolific photographers, even before Instagram became popular. And they delighted in imparting their choice to others. However, it’s true that this website has stunned the globe and altered the way we share photographs online. We can now take our love of sharing images to the next level with its vibrant filters and straightforward sharing function.

Today, millions of people use Instagram, making it one of the most popular social media sites, to share images of their travels and other noteworthy moments. Since its inception in 2010 and Facebook’s famous acquisition of the company in 2012, this app or network has grown exponentially.

There’s no denying that Instagram has come a long way in its almost 10 years on the scene; the numbers speak for themselves. In order to grasp the scope of the problem, familiarity with these facts is essential.

Instagram: Among the more riveting pieces of data are these:

1. Statistics

The fact that the average Instagram user is only twenty-nine years old is one of the service’s most fascinating features. About 60% of all adults are registered users, with foreign users accounting for 80% of the total. Instagram has more female users than male users, which is a fascinating fact in and of itself. One-third of users have some college education.

The data suggest that the vast majority of this platform’s users are under the age of 35, and that they mostly utilise it to show off their own style through photo sharing. Some of the most famous individuals in the world use it, therefore it’s clear that the affluent prefer it as well.

2. Usage

Over 800 million people use Instagram all over the world now, up from 600 million at the end of 2016. It has an incredible 500 million daily active users. One third of Instagram users log in many times a day, and half of them use the app daily.

In addition, about 40 billion releases (photos + videos) have been shared on this site since its introduction. Selena Gomez has 124 million followers, making her the most popular woman on Instagram; Cristiano Ronaldo has 108 million followers, making him the most popular guy.

National Geographic has more than 80 million followers, making it the most popular organisation or corporation on this site. The BeyoncĂ© post with over 11 million likes is the one I’ve liked the most on Instagram.

3. Advertising

Meanwhile, Instagram has more business users in the United States than Twitter does. To begin, ever since its inception, this service has opted not to promote its rival by distributing images of them on the site instead of tweets. Second, every tenth user has gained new insight into a product for the first time, and half of all users follow at least one company account.

Since July 2017, when there were just 15 million business profiles on Instagram, that number has more than doubled to 25 million. Also, from 2017 to 2019, the number of monthly active advertisers has doubled from 1 million to 2 million. The most fascinating statistic is that 80% of all profiles here follow at least one business.

Instagram’s advertising income is expected to hit $ 10 billion by the end of 2019, up 250 percent from 2017’s $ 4 billion, as reported by The Drum.

4. Advertising

When it comes to well-known companies, Instagram is without a doubt the most widely used medium. Ninety percent of Fortune 100 corporations are represented here. When compared to widely lauded peers like Facebook (10 times higher), Pinterest (54% higher), and Twitter (84% higher), Instagram is clearly the winner when it comes to user engagement with companies.

More than a third of Instagram users have made purchases from their phones, and nine out of ten US fashion firms have an account. Half of all Instagram users are brand followers. This is what makes it the most widely used medium for interacting with brands.

Instagram users are more likely to like photographs than videos, and they’re even more likely to like posts featuring Anther. Similarly, postings with a trending hashtag see 12.6 percentage points higher engagement than those that don’t.

The above demonstrates Instagram’s increasing fame among users and business alike. It is now among the most widely used programmes for promoting products and services. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take use of social networking advisory services.