Growing Your Instagram Following: Advice for Local Companies

Getting your first customer is the first step in starting a business, but how do you go about doing so? This article will discuss the benefits of using Instagram for expanding a small business. Whether you run a SaaS business, whether business-to-business, business-to-consumer, business-to-business, or bootstrapped, this post will be helpful.

It’s becoming more clear that digital marketing is the most efficient and economical approach for small businesses to reach their target audiences. Nevertheless, if you aren’t particularly tech savvy, contemplating all the options may leave your mind spinning.

Do I really need a website? ” is a question you may be asking. Need I ask, should I keep a blog? How to Use Instagram to Expand Your Company

Here at MeetEdgar, we treat answering your marketing questions as seriously as our work requires, because, you know, it is.

Now, let’s answer that question about Instagram and your small company right now.

How can you use Instagram to expand your company? No such thing as a limit can be found! More than 200 million Instagram users will daily see Instagram company profiles in 2023.

Small businesses can benefit from utilising Instagram even if they don’t have a large number of followers.

Instagram marketing for local companies

Making a few deliberate selections while making your account, posts, and tales is all that’s required. Consider these tips for effective Instagram advertising for your small business.

Branding Your Small Business With Instagram Usernames

Instagram gives you a second chance to choose an account name. The first is your “handle,” or “username,” which comes immediately after the @ symbol. That would be the name of your company or organisation (or your name).

Now that Instagram has been around for a long and is used by so many people, coming up with a clever username may be challenging. That’s a big issue for shops with generic names. In order to improve your search engine rankings without compromising the quality of your content, it is typically preferable to simply add more relevant terms to your existing content rather than messing with the spelling or the sequence of the words.

Second, on Instagram, you are free to go by any name you choose. This is the part of your profile that appears in bold beneath your photo.

In case you were forced to choose a non-descriptive name for your company, this is where you may finally reveal it. If your company’s name isn’t taken, you’ll need to be inventive with the name section of your profile in order to convey the value you bring to your clients.

Customer-Focused Bio

If you have a small business account on Instagram, you have 150 characters to introduce yourself and what you do. In the same way, it may serve as a digital version of your business card. As a result, you may need to get resourceful in order to safeguard anything. Displaying your customer service prowess should be your first priority.

Perhaps as a graphic designer, your specialty is creating brand templates that can be used by any size company to elevate their promotional efforts. If you’re in the dessert blogging niche, your tagline may read, “Teaching “you gotta try this” recipes to newbie bakers.”

After that, you may provide some information about yourself or your group, your beliefs, and the standards by which you operate, as well as any other indicators of your reliability. Evidence that you are an expert in your field may be found in things like newspaper coverage, accolades, and major company accomplishments.

Highlights from Instagram Stories

When words in your bio are running out, you may always expand upon your bio in your Instagram Story Highlights. Short films and photos that “live” under your bio, above your feed, are known as media cards. Instagram stories only last for 24 hours by default, but you may save collections of them to your profile indefinitely.

Using these key points, you can effectively share the history of your brand with your target audience. The coverings can be designed to ensure that the mini-circles are uniform and in keeping with the overall aesthetic.
Always keep your consumers and customers in mind. When people stumble onto your page, what thoughts run through their minds? What can you do with these highlights to satisfy their curiosity, point them in the right path, and introduce them to the character of your brand?

Include a Web Address in Your Bio

Instagram photo captions cannot contain external links like those on Facebook or Twitter. With the exception of your tales (which we’ll get to in point 6), the only place you may add a link is in the “website” section of your profile.

Services like Linktree are helpful in this regard. When you add just one link to your profile, Linktree automatically “branches” out to all the other links you’ve chosen to share.
You may promote your blog, freebies, podcast, and even products and services by including clickable links. You may avoid repeatedly updating your link whenever you make mention to a new article, sale, or media appearance.

There should only be one link to follow.

As a matter of fact, you’d be doing your consumers a favour by using a tool like Linktree. Say you changed the link in your bio this morning to reflect the launch of a new product you announced three days ago and a new blog you published three days ago and indicated the link to was in your bio.

Updating Your Instagram Feed

You might compare your feed to a magazine for your brand. The overall look and feel is uniform.

Do you notice a trend when you see your feed in “quilt” or “grid” format on your profile? Have you noticed that many of your images have a strikingly similar colour palette?

It’s crucial that your feed is visually appealing if providing a good design and aesthetic is part of what you offer for your consumers.
Yet, if your followers care more about your descriptions than your photos, this may not be such a significant deal for your business. When making any changes to your account, always ask yourself, “How can I make my account helpful and attractive to my ideal customer?”