2023 Instagram Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Influencer Advocacy

Marketing using Instagram influencers is a fantastic strategy for companies and enterprises to connect with active (and potentially buying) consumers.

Yet, what exactly is influencer marketing, how much does it typically cost, and why should it be a part of your Instagram strategy?

What follows is a comprehensive guide on identifying and collaborating with influential content authors.

The Definition of Instagram Influencer Marketing

Promotion of a brand’s products or services through the endorsement of Instagram influencers (and creators) is an example of Instagram influencer marketing.

It’s a terrific approach to reach a receptive audience, introduce your business, and build a connection with prospective clients without coming across as too promotional.

Instagram Influencer Marketing: The Top Perks

These are four reasons why Instagram influencer marketing is so effective, from reaching highly engaged audiences to generating massive revenue:

Promotional writing, please step aside

So what is it about working with influential people that makes it so productive? We can sum it up in a single word: trust.

With influencer marketing, consumers are exposed to your brand via a credible third party (the influencer) on a more natural and relaxed medium (the influencer’s platform) (Instagram).

In an Instagram post, Reel, or story, a suggestion from an influencer might read like advice from a trusted friend because of the influencer’s large following.

To put it simply, when you work with influential figures in your industry, your brand gets exposed to an audience that is already interested in what you have to offer.

Get Access to Super-Invested Viewers

Instagram has a respectable interaction rate when it comes to influencer marketing.
Collaborating with a creative who already has a dedicated fan base can help your content gain a lot more attention and enhance its engagement metrics.
You want to know the greatest part? It’s not necessary to team up with mega-stars to make waves.

As compared to Macro influencers, Nano and Micro influencers often have more engaged followers and charge less for sponsored content.

Foster Permanent Connections

According to studies conducted by Assemblo, it takes seven exposures to an advertising before it sticks in a person’s mind.

In light of this, we advocate maintaining a long-term partnership with an influencer.

Instagram Partners: Identifying Influencer Types

On the basis of their Instagram following, influencers are often placed into one of five distinct categories:

Miniscule: between 10 and 100

Small: 10K-100K

Mid: 100K – 500K

500k-1m as a macro range

Millions and Millions: Mega Macro

Many considerations will determine which influencer tier is best for your next campaign.

For example, macro and mega macro influencers draw in massive amounts of viewers, making them ideal for campaigns when reaching a wide audience is a priority.

Just by being associated with them, people’s opinions about a brand might change.

Instagram: Where to Look for Influencers Who Can Help Your Business

The finest kinds of collaborations let you get your brand in front of interested consumers and raise its profile.

Be Specific with Your Objectives

Is increasing recognition of your company a goal? Sales motivation? Boost your lead generation?

Setting SMART goals after giving some thought to how this partnership will fit into your overall social media marketing plan is essential.

Keep an Eye on Who’s Talking About Your Brand Among Influencers and Creators

Looking in your own backyard for potential collaborators may prove to be a simple and effective solution.

Schedule regular checks of branded hashtags, branded posts, branded comments, and direct messages to identify creators and influencers who are already interested in your brand.

It’s far less of a stretch to reach out to influencers who are currently discussing your business in order to discuss the possibility of working together.

Evaluate the influencers that your ideal client follows

Discovering who among your target audience’s influencers has the most sway over them is crucial.

You may achieve this by observing the people already living where you are. Choose 10 to 15 of your most engaged and representative followers to analyse their list of followers.

Where do they get their entertainment? Where do you see them fitting in specifically? Do you find any recurring themes among them? Just how well do they fit in with what your company represents?

Investigate the Most Important KPIs of a Creative or Influencer

Determining whether or not an influencer will aid you in achieving your objectives requires careful analysis of their data.

Adrienne suggests completing research prior to contacting a creative once you have identified one.

Asking, “Are they stuffed with robots? Accounts that just serve to spam? You can see how real their community and involvement is by doing this.

Check out the influencer’s archive of content, conduct a Google search, and consult your network of influencer marketing professionals for further information.

A Guide to Connecting with Instagram Stars

Search for Accurate Contact Information

To begin, see if you can find their Instagram handle and message them from there.

An email button may be added to the profiles of all Instagram businesses and creators so that messages can be sent without ever leaving the app. Many influential people have a contact page or website linked in their bio, if they don’t have one already.

It’s best to make initial contact via email

An email is preferable than other forms of initial contact if you can get the influencer’s email address.

It looks good, plus it gives you more space to explain your brand and your campaign’s goals (more on that below).

When everything else fails, a direct message (DM) will do the trick!
Always keep it businesslike by addressing the person by their first name instead of their Instagram handle and providing your email address right immediately.