Here Are 6 Excuses To Use Instagram Alerts Instead Of Posting Immediately

In the past, the only way to schedule content for Instagram was to use Instagram’s reminders function, which required you to create and schedule a post in SocialPilot and then wait for a push notice to be delivered to your phone before you could actually publish the material.

Finally, in April of 2018, Instagram released its Graph API, which makes it possible for third-party social media management applications to include Instagram’s scheduling and automatic posting features for its users.

Thankfully, we were able to offer the Instagram direct publishing feature to our consumers thanks to SocialPilot’s interface with Zapier, a business partner of Instagram. With the Zapier connection, SocialPilot now provides users with the ability to easily plan and post regularly on Instagram without having to deal with smartphone alerts.

Instagram’s direct-posting vs. reminders features

Instagram’s direct publishing function is a huge help to businesses that must accommodate promote your audiance in multiple time zones. However, its restricted direct-posting capabilities for a subset of postings and accounts cannot be ignored.

How do we proceed?

Which strategy, then, is optimal for your product? Instagram Posting Directly or Instagram Reminders.

There is no clear victor unless Instagram makes significant changes to its direct posting API, expanding the publishing possibilities available to third-party programmes.

Until then, the optimal strategy will vary according to specialisation, posting frequency, and time zone.

Direct posting’s “set it and forget it” nature is a huge draw for social media marketers. One of the most important principles of Direct posting is that firms serving customers in multiple time zones should avoid publishing at inappropriate times.

Instagram’s reminders are preferable than Direct for these six reasons.

So, let’s take a look at the many benefits of using an Instagram reminder instead of publishing immediately.

Instagram’s native editing capabilities

on-app editing on Instagram has its own dedicated user base. Thanks to Canva’s connection with SocialPilot, you can plan ahead and schedule direct postings of stunning photos you’ve designed. However, Instagram’s built-in editor offers its own aesthetic choices, including effects, filters, and other editing tools, that are exclusive to scheduled posts.

Thrilling Tales

Since planned Instagram stories can only be published through push notification, the winner is obvious: the Instagram reminder. You don’t want to join the 500 million new tales every day without being fully prepared.

Spark AR studio provides the native narrative composer with a never-ending stream of effects and interactive AR filters. You may further personalise the user experience by editing photos and videos in Instagram’s native story composer, which SocialPilot will remind you to do via Instagram notifications of your planned stories.

Use a Variety of Post Formats

Instagram reminders allow you to publish media such as video and GIFs, and carousel posts in addition to the usual single-image and story postings.

Also, it’s not a good idea to conduct your campaign on a site that prioritises visuals without utilising a variety of post kinds. This is arguably the most compelling argument in favour of using the reminder posting rather than the direct one.

Tagging people and places

If you want to be found by users who are seeking for you, you should include your location in your post. Posts that included locations received 79% more interactions than those that did not.

Customers that are actively seeking something similar to what you provide in the immediate area might potentially be attracted by your store‘s location.

Several Verification Stops

A botched social media post is one of the worst things that can happen to a company’s reputation. That’s why it’s important to double-check and maybe even triple-check your piece before publishing it.

Mistakes in spelling or grammar, an unfortunate auto-correct situation, or current events that have resulted in inappropriate or offensive text are all possibilities.

It’s crucial to double-check everything to make sure nothing was missed, but you never know when an idea for an addition could strike. Changing the structure of your postings might spark ideas for fresh information to include or tags to use.

Instagram Account Timetable for Individual Users and Content Creators

Not everyone is interested in making the switch to an Instagram business account. Instagram’s business account upgrade isn’t necessary if you’re more interested in building relationships with your followers than in traditional metrics like profile conversion and interaction.

However, third-party applications can’t plan posts for Business accounts since they can’t use Instagram’s direct publishing API. Here’s where Instagram’s handy reminders come in handy.

Instagram reminders may be used for both personal profiles and Creator profiles.


You now know that the needs of your company, promote your audience, and your usual posting habits will determine which scheduling method is best for you.

Having more say over your material up until it airs will be a cornerstone for some marketers, while others would rather have straight publishing and no reminders at all.

Direct posting is essential for companies seeking to extend their company and visibility in other time zones, while reminder posting is a no-brainer for scheduling the various sorts of posts and stories.

Thankfully, in SocialPilot, you won’t even have to think about it. We promote brand awerness both direct publishing (which you may schedule and then forget about) and reminder push notifications.

You are free to pick the solution that best suits your needs.