Tips for Maximizing Your Instagram and When to Use Them

Do you use every one of Instagram’s capabilities?

Gaining familiarity with the many shortcuts available will not only help you save time, but will also give you an edge over the competition.

With the goal of making your social media posting as simple and straightforward as possible, I have compiled a list of specific Instagram tips and tactics.

When to Use It: When You Need Convenient Account Management

Sign Up for a Bunch of Accounts, and Take Care of Them All

Instagram has just made it easy to toggle between several user profiles.

How? Read on!
Choose “Settings” from your profile page, then scroll down to the bottom.
A new window will pop up; click the Add Account button.
In order to switch between the accounts you’ve added (up to a maximum of five), you can utilise the username in your profile.

Move Filters Around or Delete Them

Having a unified visual style will help build brand recognition. By arranging filters by importance, you may keep the ones you use most frequently close at hand.

How? Read on!

Choose a picture you want to modify, then press Next.
When you reach the filter selection screen, you have two options:
Filters may be reordered by pressing on them and dragging and dropping them (or delete)
To modify the order of the filters, use the three-lined icon to the left of each filter once you’ve accessed the Settings menu by scrolling to the bottom of the filter row and clicking on it.

Use a Professional Account If You Mean Business

Using a business profile on Instagram allows you to advertise ads, have access to data, and streamline communication with consumers.

How? Read on!

To change your account settings, go to the “Profile” tab (next to Edit Profile)
If you go down to the very end of the list, you’ll see the option to “Switch to Business Profile.”
Connect your accounts by logging in using your Facebook details.

Use When: You’re Stuck for Ideas to Include in a Post

Check for Relevant Hashtags

Similar hashtags are great for coming up with new ideas and discovering related hashtags to increase the number of channels via which you can reach your intended audience.

How? Read on!

Look for #business or #industry-related hashtags to find postings of interest.
Similar hashtags are shown at the top of the screen on the explore page for that hashtag.

When to Utilize It: When You Need to Monitor the Rivalry

Instagram is an excellent free resource for monitoring the social media activity of your competitors over time.

Competitor Post Notifications should be activated

Because to Instagram’s algorithm, you won’t see posts from all of your followers in reverse chronological order. If you want to keep up with your rivals without having to manually check their profiles, turn on post notifications.

How? Read on!

Pay a visit to the profile of your rival.
Use the account’s “More Options” button (represented by three dots) to contact them.
Select Post Notifications Must Be Enabled

Noteworthy Articles to Save for Later Use

For the purpose of tracking the development of your rival’s material and keeping all of your bookmarks in one convenient location, you can “save” their posts in private.

How? Read on!

Use the bookmark icon ( ) in the bottom right corner of the image to save the current post you’re viewing.
Just bookmark an image by pressing and holding the bookmark button.
Use the bookmark icon in your profile to access your saved articles.

Used When: Holding a Giveaway, Promotion, or Influencer Takeover

Offering discounts or freebies is a simple method to encourage people to interact with your posts on social media, which is the point of having a following in the first place. Make the most of your Instagram marketing with these easy tips.

Create a one-of-a-kind bio link for each promotion you’re running.
Instagram only allows only one link to be included in a bio, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space you have. To direct readers to a certain page, you may make the link more relevant to the current post or contest by changing its text.

How? Read on!

To access your personal profile, click the corresponding “people” icon.
Choose the Profile tab and then the Edit button.
Put the URL in, then hit the Finish button.

Put together a photo grid to provide visual interest.

You don’t want your partnership or promotion to be lost in the shuffle, do you? Create a big impression by splaying out one massive image across three, six, or nine separate postings. If your followers see a fragment of a compelling image in their feed, they may decide to check out your profile to see the whole thing.

How? Read on!

While Instagram doesn’t natively support sharing images in a grid format, there are a few ways to get this look. Photoshop and other programmes allow users to easily crop large photos.

Publicise a message

Instagram posts may be promoted in the same manner that Facebook advertisements and posts can be promoted financially.

How? Read on!

You’ll need to have your Instagram account set up as a Business Profile and linked to a Business Facebook Account before you can promote a post.
Just highlight the profile pic you’d want to promote by tapping on it.
Choose Promote under the picture, then specify your target audience, budget, and ad’s duration in the corresponding fields.
Choose Next, and then Promote once you’ve filled out all the necessary information.

Provide links to other accounts in your story, such as those belonging to a partner business or an influencer

To spice up your content, have an influencer take over one of your stories. Brands may tag up to ten accounts per photo or video, and followers can more easily navigate to a partner’s profile when the accounts are linked.

How? Read on!

When you’re ready to share your Instagram Stories photo or video, use the Aa button or tap anywhere on the screen.
Just replace the @ with the influencer’s username, and then pick the right user.