An Ultimate Guide: Successful Instagram Giveaway

Free material is always well received. Getting something for free elicits a positive emotional response in us, and this in turn increases our appreciation for the gift.

The zero price effect is a term used by economists to describe this phenomenon.

This is why an Instagram giveaway can be so effective.
An Instagram contest that goes well may increase interest in your business and the number of people actively interacting with your posts.

How then can you know whether you are succeeding?

To make sure your first Instagram giveaway is a success, we’ve compiled a checklist of six essential items.

But before we get into it, let’s go through the top three reasons why you should have your giveaway.

How to Run a Successful Instagram Contest in 6 Simple Steps

Planning ahead and knowing exactly what you hope to achieve from your Instagram giveaway can help ensure its success.

Make sure that every step of developing your first freebie contributes to your overarching company objectives.

Know Your Goals for the Giveaway

Without a target number of likes, comments, or followers, your Instagram giveaway is nothing. Though it may be appreciated by your fan base, doing so will not advance your company’s goals.

Establishing a clear goal for the end result of the giveaway is the first order of business.

Your prize, the material you produce, and the methods you employ to spread the word about your giveaway to followers will all be affected by the end result you seek.

Learn Instagram’s policies inside and out

Once you know what you hope to achieve with your giveaway, you can examine the steps necessary to implement it on Instagram.

If you want your contest to go successfully and avoid getting shut down, you’ll need to adhere to their specific criteria for launching a giveaway on their platform.

Include the following details to make sure your Instagram giveaway complies with their rules:

  • The regulations of your contest.
  • Conditions under which people can take part.
  • Any requirements that must be met in order to claim your reward (minimum age, etc.).
  • Clarification that Instagram is not in charge of the promotion.
  • The comment area of your giveaway article is where you should include all of this information. Instagram may delete your material without warning if it doesn’t follow their community guidelines.

Pick a Prize that Will Excite Your Viewers

Think about what your followers care about and how you can provide them with something of value that is also consistent with your brand as you prepare your giveaway.

Software and SaaS providers who wish to extend their offerings beyond a discount or trial period will need to do more market research.

One method for doing so is through interest targeting; by perusing your Instagram Insights, you can get a sense of what topics are of most interest to your followers.

Create an Excellent Prize-Winner Caption

You may advertise the products you’re giving away and make it easier for others to locate, learn about, and enter the contest with a clever description.
Advertise your Instagram contest to get more participants.

Once your offer is live, advertise it on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience. Bringing the offer to the attention of more people and increasing interaction with the post are both possible results.

Just use the same interest targeting described in the ‘Choose A Prize…’ section when launching your advertising.

It’s crucial to ensure that the people you’re attracting are not only interested in what you have to offer, but also willing to join up and signal to enhance your post.

Observe the Outcomes

Once a winner has been selected for the giveaway, it’s time to assess how the action affected the desired outcome.

You can find the Interactions and Discovery reports in Instagram Insights. Both are essential for putting your campaign’s results into perspective.
If you made the giveaway to increase interaction, you may find out who clicked on the post in the Interactions report. You can see how many of them returned to your site or signed up as followers.

If spreading the word about your brand was your main objective, the Discovery report will serve you better.

Giveaways on Instagram are a great method to increase brand awareness.

Instagram freebies are a fantastic method to increase your brand’s visibility and popularity among your target audience.

If you follow our 6-point plan, you can rest assured that you won’t be handing out freebies.

You’ll give them a chance to connect with you on an emotional level, and you’ll both benefit from the exchange.