The Best 10 Websites Like YouTube for Sharing Videos

There will likely be 1 million minutes of video uploaded per second by 2020, thanks to the exponential growth of this medium. Because of the success it has had in the digital marketing sphere, companies are starting to prioritise marketing via videos rather than blog articles.

Several studies have shown that including videos on a website may increase visits, user engagement, and sales. The average video receives 12 shares per view, making it the most shared content genre among consumers.

1. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing website just like YouTube, only the video quality is better thanks to support for 4k Ultra HD. Unlike YouTube, there are no distracting advertisements here, so viewers can give their whole attention to what they’re seeing. When it comes to sharing professional-quality movies with the world, Vimeo is your best bet.

2. In Second Place: Dailymotion

Dailymotion is the most comparable alternative to YouTube because it shares the same interface and video category names. With an average of 112 million unique users every month, this website is a serious YouTube rival.

3. Dtube

Dtube is a video-sharing website that, like Dailymotion, borrows heavily from the design of YouTube’s front end. Yet, that’s about where the similarities end, since Dtube’s business model is vastly different from that of the industry titan.

Instead than storing films on a single server like YouTube does, Dtube employs blockchain technology. Hence, your movies and account information shouldn’t be at risk of being stolen by hackers here. Also, the content producers here can get paid in bitcoin, and there are no adverts on the site.

4. Fourth, PeerTube

Like its namesake, PeerTube is a decentralised system for sharing videos among users. PeerTube allows its users to operate their own server, which it refers to as a “instance,” rather than relying on a central server like YouTube and many other video hosting platforms. A user and their films are stored in each instance, and the instances can communicate with one another.

5. Veoh

The best way to describe Veoh is as a cross between YouTube and Facebook. There is no maximum length for the movies you may submit, and they can be readily distributed within your social network. Also, you may meet new individuals by signing up for online communities and forums. Getting more subscribers on YouTube is a lot like getting more likes on social media.

6. TED

This is the opportunity to make your mark in a specialised market. Those of you seeking for a place to watch informative videos online may find TED to be what you’re looking for. More than 3,000 lectures on themes as diverse as technology, science, business, society, humanity, and personal development may be found on this site.

Number Seven: Twitch

If you’re looking for something entertaining to do after a hard day at the office or watching a TED Talk, Twitch is a great option. Although there are lots of videos that aren’t related to gaming, Twitch isn’t your average YouTube alternative.

8. Metacafe

Videos on Metacafe typically don’t last more than 90 seconds and are of poor quality. Even though it provides a comparable service and is older than both Snapchat and Instagram Stories, more people will be familiar with Snapchat and Instagram Stories than Metacafe. Yet videos on Metacafe won’t disappear after 24 hours; they’ll be there permanently.

9. Vevo

Next up, after discussing video libraries, video game platforms, and instructional videos, is a video sharing service dedicated just to music videos. If you’re a music fan and you only want to watch music videos, then you should check out Vevo.

Almost 400 thousand professional music videos from SME and UMG are available on this site. Vevo is more suited for music fans than musicians because users cannot contribute their own music videos.

10. Sites like the Internet Archive

Try the Internet Archive if you haven’t had any luck tracking down an old favourite from your youth. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a place to watch classic and vintage films, documentaries, and TV shows online.

You may also share your own videos here, in addition to discovering content that is unavailable elsewhere. If you notice that there isn’t as much recently updated content on this platform as on other video sites, that’s okay.

Applications for creating videos

You might feel inspired to start making your own videos after reading about these fantastic alternatives to YouTube. You’re in luck, since I’ve rounded together every resource you could possibly need to create your own video, from start to finish.